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4 Common Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid

Don't Fall Victim To Costly Home Remodeling Error

Remodeling is a big undertaking, and homeowners aren’t typically well versed in it. No one wants to make a mistake that will be costly or delay a project start or end date. To make it easier for you, we've compiled a list some of the most common—and costliest—remodeling mistakes.

Tearing out the space before you have a definitive plan.

Once the plans have been made up and work has begun, it's a little late to start second guessing yourself. Putting another electrical outlet in the kitchen for your new espresso machine may seem like a simple last minute add-on, but it might not be. If you have a creative bent or just can't envision the new layout until it starts taking shape, don't expect to make many changes without a hefty price tag attached. For a sane and in-budget remodel, do your recon and strategizing before the dust starts flying

Lowballing Your Budget

Unforeseen problems – asbestos, outdated electrical wiring, a water leak – crop up midway in most renovations, so it’s standard to budget an extra 20 percent to cover these surprises. Adding in the extra money from the start will be less aggravating than having to shell out the cash later.

Acting as your own general contractor

It may look like something that a detail-oriented person can do, but if you have no experience handling a major renovation, don’t sign on for the job of general contractor. More and more homeowners are tackling remodeling projects on their own, but mistakes can be costly, especially when it comes to bathroom makeovers. Avoid mishaps and headaches by hiring a professional.

Failing to measure the space correctly – or at all.

Taking good measurements is the basis for pricing, cutting and managing materials and other resources. If you measure two walls in one room, the difference from one wall to the other can be 1/2 inch or more. If you measure between the back of a wall and an opening, it also may be off from the front measurement by as much as 1/2 inch. Taking accurate measurements is a must. Don’t fall victim to this most common remodeling mistake. There’s a reason for the proverb “measure twice, cut once”.

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